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08 November 2017The Borgias - the most infamous family in history?
13 December 2017The History of Pantomime - a very British Feast
10 January 2018Emerging from the shadows - the self portraits of Goya
14 February 2018Tamara de Lempika - Mistress of Art Deco
14 March 2018The Amadeus Myth - Mozart (1756-91) and his world

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The Borgias - the most infamous family in history? Sarah Dunant Wednesday 08 November 2017

Murder, poison, corruption and incest: all perfect ingredients for sensational popular culture.  But in an age known for its brutality and church corruption were the Borgias really so bad?  This lecture reveals the real family that dominated the Papacy and Italian politics during the last decade of the 15th centuary:  the charismatic figure of Pope Alexander V1, living inside his sumptuously decorated apartments, the career of his son, Cesare, cardinal, general, employer of Da Vinci and the model for Machiavelli's The Prince, and the journey of  Lucrezia Borgia from "the greatest whore in Rome" to a devout and treasured duchess of the city Ferrara.  Sometimes truth is more intoxicating than myth.